5 August 2011

Aduino powered by PIC32

Finally! Arduino sure seems to be ruling the hobbyist embedded market and we're finally able to bring a compatible platform on the Microchip side of the fence. Not just that, these development platforms are based on the PIC32 microcontrollers, meaning that they have a true 32 bit core, and hence easily many, many times faster than your average Arduino board.

The ChipKit platform gives you all that's good about Arduino - hardware and software compatibility with "shields" (add-on boards) and the software libraries that make Arduino platforms easy to get started on - but with room to grow.

PLT-1005 ChipKit Uno32 Development Platform

We'll be bringing you tutorials on how to use the platform and you'll be delighted to know that all the 3.3v Embedded Adventures modules will work with these platforms. It's very exciting to have a platform that will get you started easily into the wonderful world of embedded electronics - and one that it truly powerful, meaning you won't outgrow it in a hurry!

We're carrying the Uno32 and Max32 platforms and look forward to hearing about what you're doing at yours.

2 August 2011

New alphanumeric LED display - DSP-0801

2 August 2011

It took six PCB revisions and countless tweaks until we were happy with it - but finally we're are delighted to present our latest product, the DSP-0801, an 8 digit 14 segment alphanumeric display.

DSP-0801 8 digit alpha display

Powered by a PIC18F14K50 with two CAT4016 chips running the displays, this display is designed to make it easy to interface to. You can talk to it over TTL serial at 115,200 bps, or via synchronous (clocked) serial, also allowing you to daisy chain modules together to create even bigger displays. Of course the firmware supplied does all this out of the box, but there's nothing stopping you replacing the firmware for your own nefarious purposes! It could, for example, talk directly to a RTC / Temp sensor module, to display time and temperature - add a SoundOut module to make it a talking clock, or use all those digits to show the humidity with 24 bit accuracy. There's a BoostBloader bootloader in built, or you can use the ICSP port to reprogram it with a PicKit2.

The possibilities are endless! Available in red, blue and yellow, and shipping now.