16 May 2008

PicPack 1.2 released

PicPack 1.2 has been released! You'll need this version for the complete packet tutorial.

Many thanks to Peter Lawson in sunny South Australia who helped tirelessly getting the BoostBloader running on a new class of Pic chips. With his help, the BoostBloader now supports 16f88, 16f876a, 16f877a, 18f252, 18f452, 18f2620, and 18f4520. It should be quite easy to add other pics as well, I'll write a tutorial about doing that shortly.


Version 1.2

16 May 2008



Rewrote to use i2c base library


General update, documentation, a few logic errors fixed,
new callbacks, functions better named


Added 16bit hex print routine

Added support for 18f452 for turn_analog_inputs_off()


Tidied up, moved to bit positions to indicate capabilities,

expanded relay and dimmer options



All new meshed packet demo, based on SparkFun Terminal Development

Node (TDN), but will work on your breadboard of course as well. See tutorial on the website


Support for pics that have a write chunk smaller than 16 bytes (older 18f types)

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avocado kid said...

I'm interested in using PicPack with some of the newer generation of pic chips, like the 16f88x line. How complicated is it to add support for new chips to your software? Can you advise on how to do this? Thanks!!!