22 July 2008

New PicPack - with USB support - RC1

I've made available the first release candidate for the new version of the PicPack library. It has support for USB pics, including examples of a mouse and a USB serial port.

It needs some tidying up, documenting and no doubt, bug fixes, but I wanted to make it available to the adventurous to have a play with and give me some feedback - much appreciated guys.


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mahathi said...


I am Mahathi a student trying to used the TDN from sparkfun to send temperature sensor data from one node to the other. I saw your latest update on your blog with the new PICPACK where you have a a demo code to use temperature sensor. Can you help me with the schematic and to how you connected the TDN to the temperature sensor as there are very few pins available to work with on the TDN.

Please help me with this. If you have any sort of document or schematic it would really help.

Great work with the blog. Has lots of information that is very handy.