26 January 2009

PicPack 2.0 released

Now available... Including better USB documentation and a cracking USB serial (CDC) demo.

You can download from the right hand side "download" window.

You can also get PicPack from GitHub - updated regularly.



rgbphil said...

Hi Ian,

I like PicPack2.0, been looking at the CDC code specifically.

Got it to work just fine on a 3.3V 18F4550 running at 20MHz...just needed to change the clock rate code and the configuration bytes for my system.

I'm now trying to wrap it into a lib for inclusion in another project. I'd prefer a .lib as it makes writing a real application easier, just link and use.

Some questions:
- any issues on increasing the rx buffer size?
- are you intending to wrap the code to make a .lib file (may save me the effort). You'll need to take out the interrupt function and initalisation as that will have to be done by the user as they'll want to do their own interrupts.
- can you give some more info on how the system handles disconnects/reconnects? Any issues?
- do we need timer0 interrupt?, looks like in the code you're using the usb interrupts directly (huzzah!!)....is there some other reason here for timer0?
- the getc function is blocking...easy fixed with another function, but are there any other blocking functions we need to worry about?
- was this based on the Microchip CDC code? Been through this issue with Microchip, and they seemed not happy with releasing their CDC code in a different form to the microchip compiler.
- has it been tested on Vista?

That's all for now...may have some more questions later when I've looked closer at the code.


david said...

PicPack 2.0 will work with the PIC18F2553, right?
Have you heard of the "Small Device C Compiler"?